"Reproducible quality and fit - no matter, who operates the system."
View the highlights of the new update "Plovdiv"
Adapt your box according to your needs.
Schütz Dental provides the economical solution
High aesthetic and quality:
One fits all!
Let's meet at IDS: Hall 10.1, booth G10/H19.
With the new Tizian JMA Optic by zebris, Schütz Dental provides a new dimension in digital functional dentistry.
Hands-On Course On Fresh Human Preparations (not embalmed)
Exact, Precise, Easy – For Even More Reliability and Control!
SCHÜTZ DENTAL SUPPORTS CUSTOMERS on their chosen path. Together, a digital world is created according to the customer's requirements.
Thrilling, Inspiring and MotivatingCreate excitement with the proper concept. The 3. CAD/CAM-Event by Schütz Dental focussed on the presentation of inspiring concepts, solutions and products which have been implemented practically in dental lab and practice routines.
The Schütz Dental bonding systems securely and easily bond acrylics, composites, zirconium dioxide and metal.
Shiny white teeth with the Bleach'n Smile Automix Set – Intended for chairside use only. As a dentist, you will benefit from your patients' desire to have brighter teeth – with Bleach'n Smile Automix Set.
Quick – Gentle – Compact – Health-oriented
The MicroClean cleaning system cleans dentures automatically, gently, and in a way that is appropriate for the material involved.
Implantology and Prosthetics in Harmony
Since 1963, Schütz Dental has been developing simple, creative and comprehensive solutions for dental implantology.

How big is a µ?

How big is a µ and what does it mean in dental technology?
Identify sources of error and avoid them!
Thousands are thrilled with this product! It has been proven countless times!
Aesthetic, intra-oral, lasting, safe and acid-free
Are you also asking yourself how you can improve your Internet presence to make it even more attractive? Here you will receive 5 optimization tips to attract and win new patients.
Let this CoCr ceramic alloy inspire you!
Exclusive interview by "Dental Digital" with Michael Stock:
What is your assessment of the changes in dental technology in today's digital world?
This article will provide you with 10 valuable tips on how to successfully advertise your dental lab on Facebook.
Bleach'n Smile is a power bleaching system "Made in Germany" that has been developed especially for dental practices. Benefit from perfectly adapted system components, save time and experience very easy handling.
Here you learn how to integrate the "Complete Digital Workflow" into your dental surgery or dental lab. At the 2. CAD/CAM Event a lot of aspects for a successful digitalisation in dental medicine were discussed.


From now also available in practical compules!
The light-curing nano composite for an adhesive filling therapy with an ultrafine glass filler – now also available in compules!
Tags: NanoPaq, Compules
Work faster and even more efficiently.
Discover step by step how you apply Alphalink Cem easily and quickly!
Work quicker and easier than ever before.
This overview explains how to use the Bulk Fill Technique.
Филипп Плугманн, д-р стоматологии, д-р мед. наук, Леверкузен, Германия
"Молодые пациенты в возрасте до 30 лет испытывают сильный стресс при потере нескольких зубов из- за генерализованного агрессивного пародонтита. Это заболевание может оказывать огромное влияние на общественную жизнь и карьеру."
A film by HD Zahntechnik, Butzbach/Germany
Fascinating results with tactile scanning.
Sebond Universal and Alphalink Cem
Two brandnew adhesives for your dental practice. Ideally adapted to each other.
Halloween promotion for dentist materials
Don’t miss out on our Halloween promotion for some selected dentist products and place your order now!
October 2 and 3, 2015, Wiesbaden/Germany
This year's 45. International DGZI Congress took place under the motto " Dental technology and dentistry – Oneway road or junction?".
Tags: DGZI, Congress
Published in "CAD/CAM International Magazine of Digital Dentistry"
"To date, no material has been able to imitate natural teeth precisely. However, in the course of the CAD/CAM revolution, we are moving one step closer to this target. The restorations presented in this article emulate the physics of the natural tooth through a material system with a buffer effect." called the "bionic restoration".
“Festival of Cultures”
This year, Schütz Dental and GDF's summer employees’ party was entitled “Festival of Cultures”. This party also provided the opportunity to honor the many employees celebrating their company jubilee.
EUROMOLD Newsletter 06/15
"The digital workflow offers dental technicians and dentists a range of benefits you do not want to miss."
Press release in CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry
Zirconia reinforced composite — a universally applicable material with many prosthetic uses. Article by Maximilian Kollmuß & Julia Goeke, Germany
Internal conical connection with anti-rotation protection
The new implant of the IMPLA-Family.

Tizian PEEK Blanks

Quality checked for your safety
Because of its high biocompatibility, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) has been used in medical science for many years.
for milling metal, zirconium dioxide, acrylics and wax
Industry news from the "CAD/CAM international magazine of digital dentistry 4/2013" about the Tizian Cut 5 smart.
The innovative CAD/CAM material
This newly developed combination of high performance acrylics and zirconium dioxide offers the benefits of both materials.
Dr. Christian Drägert from Germering/Germany
Dr. Drägert especially appreciates the easy handling and clear arrangement of the system. Click here to read more about Dr. Drägert's opinion of IMPLA.
Today's subject
What do I do, if my zirconium dioxide objects show yellowish discolorations after sintering?
with Schütz Dental technologyToday’s new digital technologies allow us to produce even challenging dental restorations in a creative, highly precise and time-efficient manner.

Tizian CAD/CAM

Interesting essay about the Tizian CAD/CAM system
dental labor 01-2013
Tizian Smart-Scan – up to 72 % faster!
The new and very fast structured-light scanner for your dental lab. Benefit from Tizian Smart-Scan's large field of view, its improved precision and a scan time reduced by up to 72 %.
By MDT Georg Feische
The new IMPLA Scan Abutments opens new possibilites for you. This example of use shows you the application of the new IMPLA Scan Abutments and adhesive bases.
Tizian Cut 5 in action
The Tizian Cut 5 milling system mills dental restorations made from lithium disilicate. But see for yourself...
In the course of the classification process of "German Top-Business-Partners", Schütz Dental GmbH has received the top rating "A" from Hoppenstedt in July of 2012.
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