"Reproducible quality and fit - no matter, who operates the system."
Schütz Dental provides the economical solution
High aesthetic and quality:
One fits all!
With the new Tizian JMA Optic by zebris, Schütz Dental provides a new dimension in digital functional dentistry.
Hands-On Course On Fresh Human Preparations (not embalmed)
Exact, Precise, Easy – For Even More Reliability and Control!
Shiny white teeth with the Bleach'n Smile Automix Set – Intended for chairside use only. As a dentist, you will benefit from your patients' desire to have brighter teeth – with Bleach'n Smile Automix Set.
Quick – Gentle – Compact – Health-oriented
The MicroClean cleaning system cleans dentures automatically, gently, and in a way that is appropriate for the material involved.
Implantology and Prosthetics in Harmony
Since 1963, Schütz Dental has been developing simple, creative and comprehensive solutions for dental implantology.

How big is a µ?

How big is a µ and what does it mean in dental technology?
Identify sources of error and avoid them!
Exclusive interview by "Dental Digital" with Michael Stock:
What is your assessment of the changes in dental technology in today's digital world?
Bleach'n Smile is a power bleaching system "Made in Germany" that has been developed especially for dental practices. Benefit from perfectly adapted system components, save time and experience very easy handling.