In this case study, Dr. Beldoch and Dr. Valentin from Cologne show us their work and findings with our Bleach'n Smile system.
A case study by dentist Dr. Marielle Falkenberg, Cologne/Germany
Internal and external bleaching of tooth 21 with Bleach'n Smile Automix
A user report by dentist Dr. Marielle Falkenberg, Cologne/Germany
A user report by dentist Isabel Deny, Karlsruhe/Germany
A fixed denture, even without the necessity of augmentation
A case study by Dr. M. Beldoch and Dr. R. Valentin, Cologne/Germany
A User Resport by Freddi Zelener, MSc, Berlin
Specialist Dentist in Oral Surgery, Master of Science in Implantology
Implantology, Bone Reconstruction and Aesthetic Dentistry
A User Report by Dentist Maximilian Von Kleinsorgen - Alphalink Cem and PrimeBond7
A case report by Dr. Umut Baysal –
Implant treatment based upon real jaw movements
by Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann, MSc MSc MBA, Leverkusen/Germany
Severe chronic periodontitis often leads to an extensive loss of teeth. If a patient does not feel comfortable with having a removable restoration, a comprehensive implantological treatment can help to provide the patient with a fixed restoration.
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by MDT Helmut Heidlindemann
Aesthetic immediate restorations. Quickly, easily and individually manufactured.
by Dr. med. dent. Ellen Schulze, Wimmelburg/Deutschland
The following case study shows the use of the Capo Bulk Fill.
by Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann MSc MSc MBA, Leverkusen/Germany
The following case study shows the use of the IMPLA Implants.
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by Maximillian Kollmuß and Julia Goeke, Dental Clinic of the University Munich/Germany
The following case study shows the use of the NanoPaq system in the clinical practice for a patient with a typical diagnosis.
by Dr. Philipp Plugmann MSc MBA, Leverkusen
Multiple gaps in the upper and lower jaw...
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An illustrated case study by Dr. med. dent. Hans-Jürgen Werdecker, Staufenberg/Germany
Clinical situation: A 19 year-old, female patient with anodontia in both her lateral incisors (12 and 22). Orthodontic treatment was performed prior to this treatment.
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A case study by Ulf Göhrmann, dentist: Producing a surgery template with IMPLA 3D
On the basis of a case study, dentist Ulf Göhrmann shows why navigated implantology is used more and more often. Watch this video and see how fast, easy and safe it is to do implant surgery with a drilling template created with help of a navigation system.