A case report by Dr. Umut Baysal –
Implant treatment based upon real jaw movements
by Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann, MSc MSc MBA, Leverkusen/Germany
Severe chronic periodontitis often leads to an extensive loss of teeth. If a patient does not feel comfortable with having a removable restoration, a comprehensive implantological treatment can help to provide the patient with a fixed restoration.
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by Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann MSc MSc MBA, Leverkusen/Germany
The following case study shows the use of the IMPLA Implants.
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by Dr. Philipp Plugmann MSc MBA, Leverkusen
Multiple gaps in the upper and lower jaw...
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An illustrated case study by Dr. med. dent. Hans-Jürgen Werdecker, Staufenberg/Germany
Clinical situation: A 19 year-old, female patient with anodontia in both her lateral incisors (12 and 22). Orthodontic treatment was performed prior to this treatment.
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A report by Dr. Werdecker, Staufenberg/Germany
The following case, situated in the upper jaw, was planned out and operated in the “flapless” method by Dr. med. Werdecker (Staufenberg/Germany) following a 3D Scan with the IMPLA 3D planning program.
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Report by Dr. Drägert on his experiences with the IMPLA Cylindrical Implant
An interesting case with bone augmentation and IMPLA Cylindrical for a very good result.