A "spare prosthesis" produced with Tizian CAD/CAM

Our idea - the spare prosthesis: We always try to keep ahead of our competition with added value services.

Imagine that one of your patients has a beautiful removable prosthesis, supported e.g. by telescopes. This patient takes his longed for cruise vacation. By mischance, the patient drops the prosthesis and an anterior veneer gets chipped or breaks. If something like that should happen to one of our patients, this patient can just take out his spare prosthesis, produced with Tizian CAD/CAM, and keep on enjoying the vacation without limitations or embarrassment.


1. We scan the saw-cut model and subsequently mark the preparation lines on the stumps.

2. Then, we scan the new telescope-supported prosthesis respectively, as in this case, a prosthesis already worn by the patient. This is easily possible with the function "wax-up scan" of the Tizian Scan Software. Before scanning, we spray the prosthesis with scan spray. Scan spray enhances the scan result.

3. Afterwards, we match the two scans with help of Tizian Creativ Software. This matching results in a clean STL-file which is sent to our milling system Tizian Cut 5.

4. Next, we start the milling project using Tizian PMMA blanks. These blanks are very well suited for such jobs, as their color reproduction is excellent, they are very stable and they are very easy to combine with denture acrylics and composites.

5. After successfully milling the prosthesis, we reinforce the saddles of the prosthesis with FuturaGen acrylic. This gives the prosthesis extra stability and rigidity.

6. Finally, the spare prosthesis is polished and sent to the customer along with the actual prosthesis.

Lately, the demand for such spare prostheses has grown significantly.

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