Endo-Bleaching Step-by-Step

Internal and external bleaching of tooth 21 with Bleach‘n Smile Automix

A case report by dentists Vera Hofstetter and Cecilia Heizmann

  1. Polishing the tooth and anesthesia (1/100,000 Ubistesin).
  2. Apply Kofferdam.
  3. Access cavity from palatinal to crestal.
  4. Application of a Harvard cement liner (1 mm).
  5. First, apply Bleach'n Smile internally. 
  6. Next, apply Bleach'n Smile externally.
  7. Light exposure: 10 min.
  8. Flush out material with water and dry with a gentle stream of air.

Repeat this procedure up to three times to reach the desired result.

Illustrated Step-by-Step user report


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This case study is not an instruction leaflet. Please adhere to the instructions provided with the material and/or equipment. The responsibility for the treatment remains with the attending dentist.



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