User Report: NanoPaq Composite

Clinical Case

The 22-year old female patient came to our practice for a routine check up. She reported neither pain nor discomfort. The oral hygiene can generally be described as very good, with the exception of a few inter- dental spaces. Tooth 26 showed a slightly insufficient sealing of the distal fissure. As the last x-ray for the detection of interdental lesions was taken in the patient‘s early life, we decided to take bitewing images of all four quadrants. The digital x-ray image showed a carious lesion in the area of the mesial interdental contact of tooth 26. This lesion had already reached the outer half of the dentin („D3 lesion“).

After informing the patient of the diagnosis, the carious lesion was to be opened and restored directly with a composite. The treatment was going to include the interdental caries and the insufficiently sealed fissure.

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