Tizian Smart-Scan eco

Order number: 523294
Tizian Smart-Scan eco
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This Dental Scanner scans your dental restorations quickly and precisely. Find out how you can work even more accurately with this 3D scanner.


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Order number: 523294
This Dental Scanning System  scans models made from various materials and delivers highly... more
Product information "Tizian Smart-Scan eco"

This Dental Scanning System scans models made from various materials and delivers highly resolved pictures in open STL files. These images form the basis for your subsequent CAD/CAM work. This space-saving system scans your models with the help of a highly precise light stripe scanning technique. This gives you the freedom to reproduce all relevant dental materials with complete accuracy, even without use of a scan spray.

This scanner also gives you the possibility to scan, for example, titanium abutments. We recommend for this the use of Tizian Scan Spray.


  • excellent accuracy due to maximum field of view of 8 x 6 x 8 cm
  • future proof: Integrated into the "Complete Digital Workflow"
  • higher precision: This makes it ideal for large bridge and implant work
  • for maximum performance: Up to 72 % faster that previous models
  • compact: Ideal dimensions (W/H/D): 43 x 52.5 x 47cm
  • scans individual stumps, up to 16 unit models, abutment constructions, opposing jaw impressions, squash bites, gingiva models, wax-ups, divided attachments
  • quick and easy fixation on the base
  • individual stump approx. 59 sec.
  • complete jaw approx. 92 sec.
  • 3-unit bridge approx. 93 sec.
  • rescan option
  • highly flexible and system-independent: export of open STL-files are possible
  • less is more: adapted software + large field of view = high precision