zebris JMT Function Pro

Order number: 522100
zebris JMT Function Pro
zebris JMT Function Pro
zebris JMT Function Pro
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Jaw measurement without touch. Bluetooth PC connection module makes a cable connection between box and laptop computer unnecessary.


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Order number: 522100
The zebris  jaw measurement system  records the mobility of the  lower jaw  using a method which... more
Product information "zebris JMT Function Pro"

The zebris jaw measurement system records the mobility of the lower jaw using a method which measures the travel time of ultrasonic impulses, without touching the patient. The system consists of a face bow with an integrated receiver module, and a perfectly balanced lower jaw sensor for measuring near the joint.

The advantages of the new Bluetooth PC connection module:

  • Cable-free analysis
  • Freedom of movement for the patient
  • Use in interdisciplinary applications

Enter the reference plane e.g. the axial-orbital plane, using a stylus. By means of the Porion sticks and the Glabella support, the maxillary bow is aligned with the patient's skull. The system allows you to identify a fulcrum line which is determined with help of the protrusion movements and opening movements in central condyle position or as a kinematic axis. The WinJaw measurement software included with the system calculates articulator setting values, comprehensive functional parameters, and can determine a neuromuscular centric lower jaw position.  

The JMT System contains:

  • basic unit with power supply pack including articulator programming module and Real Movement data export
  • maxilla facebow with receiver modules
  • mandibule bow with trigger sensor (ca. 40 g)
  • foot switch
  • T-attachment for bite fork
  • user manual
  • transport case