Pro Anker compl. 220EM 2,standard, rigid

Order number: 633326
Pro Anker compl. 220EM 2,standard, rigid
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The push button anchor for secure fixing of your technical dental work in the patient’s mouth.


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Order number: 633326
Push button anchoring system  specially designed for all  dental alloys . This  long-renowned... more
Product information "Pro Anker compl. 220EM 2,standard, rigid"

Push button anchoring system specially designed for all dental alloys. This long-renowned anchoring range, which is characterized by its uncomplicated handling, has been extended to include precision parts for new technological application areas.

This means the dental technician can choose from a wide range of options, depending on different indications for treatment of the patient on the one hand, and the chosen working technique on the other. Alongside the classic threaded cap for soldering onto a model cast prosthesis, threaded caps for direct casting, which can also be used with the casting technique, are available. Also specially treated threaded caps for margin-tight fixing in prosthetic acrylic in the Sebond Smart procedure, a renowned, leading edge technology in the area of light-hardening materials, which are continuously growing in importance.

To ensure sensible patient care, it is necessary to align the shearing force of the anchoring system and the physiological conditions. The Pro-anchor meets this requirement just as naturally as the demand for fine mechanical precision manufacturing at its best.