KeySlide - complete set

Order number: 630010
KeySlide - complete set
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The minimal installation height of this attachment is of particular help where there is little space in terms of height.


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Order number: 630010
KeySlide is a semi-automatic  prefabricated  titanium attachment for all indicated areas. Its... more
Product information "KeySlide - complete set"

KeySlide is a semi-automatic prefabricated titanium attachment for all indicated areas. Its simple principle and extremely small fitting size are impressive.

KeySlide means easy handling. It slides the prosthesis in automatically and out again at the touch of a button. It guarantees simple and pleasantly manageable periodontal hygiene. KeySlide means high quality, precise combined restoration with the easiest possible handling. Cost and time savings, no soldering, no casting.

KeySlide means a particularly patient friendly result. Due to its low volume installation mass, it can also be used with very deep occlusal conditions without shortening. It is made from titanium, guaranteeing bio-compatibility. Overloading abutment teeth and periodontium are eliminated due to the frictionless sliding of the prostheses.