Alphador Soleil 14 natural

Order number: 623230
Alphador Soleil 14 natural
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Alphador Soleil 14 Natural is a casting alloy with a very high gold content. Extremely versatile, suitable for all indications.


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Order number: 623230
Alphador Soleil 14 Natural is a top class, high gold content  alloy. Highly convenient in use,... more
Product information "Alphador Soleil 14 natural"

Alphador Soleil 14 Natural is a top class, high gold content alloy. Highly convenient in use, this alloy impresses in daily use for any indication. It combines great technical properties resulting from the alloy's special composition, and a high degree of safety.

Alphador Soleil 14 Natural has a golden shade and it is free of copper, palladium and silver. Alphador Soleil 14 Natural alloy is suitable for making inlays, fully cast crowns, narrow and wide span bridges, milling techniques and model casting.

Due to their special manufacturing process and the particularly high material purity right down to the smallest components, Alphador Natural alloys provide the perfect conditions for your biocompatible dental restorations.

By careful selection of the raw materials, any chemical or biological interaction in the mouth is reduced to a minimum. Quality of materials, quality management and quality assurance guarantee alloys of the highest quality standard.


  • free of Cu, free of Pd and free of Ag
  • Ideal for primary crowns produced by electro-plating
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for telescopic and conic restorations