Bleach'n Smile Automix Set

Order number: 237050

For tooth whitening in your dental practice. Included are the 35 % bleaching gel, Dental Dam and the re-mineralization cream.


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Order number: 237050
Bleach’n Smile Automix is an in-office bleaching gel  which is intended for treatment in the... more
Product information "Bleach'n Smile Automix Set"

Bleach’n Smile Automix is an in-office bleaching gel which is intended for treatment in the dental practice.

It contains bleaching gel and activator in a self-mixing 4:1 double syringe (cartridge). One double syringe contains 5 g of material. The hydrogen peroxide content in the fully mixed gel amounts to 35 %.


  • For labial tooth surfaces
  • Also suited for devital teeth
  • Endo bleaching


  • Dependable and easy, time-saving application
  • Excellent in-depth effect by means of 35 % hydrogen peroxide (after mixing)
  • pH-neutral and gentle on the natural teeth
  • The safety clip helps avoiding air bubbles during storage

Bleach’n Smile Automix Set contains:

  • 1 x Bleach'n Smile Gel 35 % H2O2, 5 g
  • 1 x Dental Dam, 1.5 g, incl. application tips
  • 1 x After Bleaching Care Cream, 2 ml