Capo Slow Flow Capsules

Order number: 232112
Capo Slow Flow Capsules
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The well-established Capo Slow Flow composite is now available in convenient and highly hygienic compules.


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Order number: 232112
This composite combines the easy handling of a flowable composite with the extraordinary... more
Product information "Capo Slow Flow Capsules"

This composite combines the easy handling of a flowable composite with the extraordinary physical properties of a paste. Experience these material properties in our compules, as well.

Capo Slow Flow is a light-curing composite for sealing fissures and for the treatment of cervical caries in anterior and posterior teeth. The flowability of the composite combined with its stability facilitates your work and leaves you enough time for shaping the restoration. The material is also suited to a precise application in undercuts. It will save you time and money.

Thanks to the special color pigments, the restorations, which adapt aesthetically to the natural tooth color, will convince you. You will obtain a durable and lasting result. With its high filler content of 77 % (by weight) and the different particle sizes, the product produces restorations with extraordinary physical properties, e.g. low shrinkage and a high Vickers hardness.

Advantages Capo Slow Flow capsules:

  • high output quantity
  • hardly any loss of material
  • extremely hygienic in use
  • excellent surface quality
  • cap is easy to remove/unscrew


Further advantages:

  • Very high filler content of 77 % (by weight)
  • Free of Bis-GMA
  • No dripping
  • Easy to apply
  • Polishes to a high lustre easily and quickly
  • Extraordinary flowability, even in undercuts
  • Compatible with most conventional composites, adhesives and bonders
  • Natural color adaption
  • High radiopacity (210 % Al) guarantees an even safer treatment