Capo natural capsules

Order number: 232148
Capo natural capsules
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Work in a minimallyinvasive technique with ultra-fine micro hybrid compsite


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Order number: 232148
Capo Natural is an ultrafine  Micro-Hybrid Composite  with  optimized abrasion values . The... more
Product information "Capo natural capsules"

Capo Natural is an ultrafine Micro-Hybrid Composite with optimized abrasion values.

The proven cytocompatibility makes the material exceptionally biocompatible.Capo Natural by Schütz Dental facilitates a minimally invasive procedure by means of optimized color adaption. Decrease the risk of secondary caries without foregoing aesthetics.

Advantages of Capo Natural:

  • Biocompatible and gentle on the gingiva
  • Exceptionally homogenous restorations
  • Compatible with most etch and bond systems
  • Suitable for the minimally invasive technique
  • Brilliant and lasting colors 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance combined with antagonist-friendliness
  • Easy handling
  • Highly transparent incisal masses
  • Easy to polish
  • Independent from a lab
  • Outstanding mechanical properties

Advantage of the compules:

  • Great dispensing volume
  • Hardly any loss of material
  • Top quality surfaces
  • Compule cap is easy to remove
  • Highly hygienic


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations in Black's classes I, II, III, IV and V
  • Minimally invasive veneers and fillings
  • Indirect restorations such as inlays,onlays and veneers
  • Extended fissure sealing (molars and premolars)
  • Building up stumps
  • Splinting loose teeth
  • Corrections of shape and color to improve aesthetics

Physical data:

  • Vickers hardness 685 MPa 
  • Compressive strength 452 MPa
  • Flexural strength 144 MPa
  • E-module 11.861 MPa