Company History

Schütz Dental GmbH was founded in 1962. 

Many years of experience with an intuition for new trends ensure the company's leading position in the world today. An in-depth knowledge of the market allows for quick and flexible decision making to the benefit of the customer.

The company headquarters are based in Rosbach, Germany, just 25 km north of Frankfurt International Airport. A key factor in enabling Schütz Dental Group products to be sold to all the major markets across the world.

Training is a major focus of Schütz Dental. This includes a wide range of training courses for products and techniques at Schütz Dental facilities, as well as in various well-respected dental labs and dental clinics across the world. Many distinguished speakers from the dental field support us at our events, at exhibitions and congresses world-wide. Special events, brochures, posters, and patient information literature are all provided to support our valued customers in their own marketing exercise.

Nowadays, manufacturers of Medical Devices must be ISO-certified. Schütz Dental GmbH was one of the first companies in the world to gain certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485, and our medical devices are manufactured according to ISO-certified standards. Consumables and equipment for dentistry and dental labs form the backbone of Schütz Dental and cover such specialisms as CAD/CAM technology, implants and implant navigation software, TMJ analysis as well as high-tech chemistry. All our products are optimally adjusted to each other.

Research and development are a totally independent part of Schütz Dental. A large staff of qualified personnel covers the complete spectrum, with each team specializing in a different field. Certified engineers and a large staff of technicians are responsible for the construction of CAD/CAM hardware and software and implant systems - to name just a few.


1962    Schütz-Dental GmbH is founded as a company specializing in dental materials

1972    10 employees

1977    Takeover of Weil-Dental GmbH, products and materials for dentists

1982    50 employees

1983    Foundation of a research and production company

1990    Takeover of IMPLA GmbH, products for dental implantology

1992    80 employees

1993    First titanium casting machine

1995    First laser system

1999    Schütz Dental joins the top ten of German suppliers of precious metals

2002    approx. 100 employees

2005    Successful changeover to the next generation by a management buy-out

2007    Tizian CAD/CAM zirconium milling technology and IMPLA 3D implant navigation software are launched

2009    zebris system TMJ analysis

2011    The "Complete Digital Workflow" with a comprehensive interlinking of Tizian CAD/CAM, zebris and IMPLA 3D was put into practice

2012    50th anniversary of Schütz Dental GmbH 

2012    Highly biocompatible composite Capo Bulk Fill is launched internationally

2013    Schütz Dental presents the innovative material Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite Blanks

2014    Market launch of Capo Slow Flow: This composite combines the easy handling of a flowable composite with the physical properties of a paste 

2014    Schütz Dental presents the CAD/CAM milling system Tizian Cut 5 smart plus with automatic 8-fold blank changer. 

2015    Market relaunch of the nano composite NanoPaq with optimized physical properties and an even easier handling. 

2015    Market launch of the Bis-GMA-free fixing cement Alphalink Cem at the IDS 2015.

2016    Schütz Dental presents a tactile CAD/CAM Scanning System

2016    Schütz Dental presents an intraoral CAD/CAM Scanning System

2016    Schütz Dental presents the fully automatic hybrid scanner Tizian Smart-Scan Plus

2016    Perfect telescope crones through tactile scan technique

2017    Relaunch of online shop

2018    Aesthura abutments

2018    IMPLA Multi Unit

2018    Start distribution of Enamel plus Temp

2018    Function in Implantology

2018    Start distribution of the intraoral scanner i500

2019    Expansion milling machine product range: Tizian Cut 5 dry Pro, Tizian Cut 5 Smart Pro Plus, Tizian Cut 5.2 Pro line and the new Tizian Cut 5.4 milling machine with an integrated tactile scanner

2019    zebris JMA Optic System – CMD Measuring and Analysis system based upon the latest optical sensor technology

2019    Schütz Dental presents the Monomer-Extractor which reduces the residual monomer by means of secondary treatment of cold curing prostheses

2019    Schütz Dental presents their new “Systhetics” umbrella brand and launched the new self- etching, light-curing one-component bonding of the 7. generation “PrimeBond7” as well as a new light-curing posterior tooth composite “Capo Bulk Fill Plus”

2019    Schütz Dental launched a new implant surgery system. With its modular system, the new IMPLA Surgical box can be adapted to individual needs

2019    Integration of the exoplan Software for implant planning and surgical guide design into the Schütz Dental Complete Digital Workflow

2019    Schütz Dental launched new highly aesthetic Zirconia blanks: Tizian Blank 5.0 Multilayer 4YZirconia and Tizian Blank 5.0 Translucent

2020 Tizian Blank NEM fine

2020/2021 Expansion of the Schütz Complete Digital Workflow: replacement and extension of our milling machine, scanner and software program.
NEW: Tizian Smart-Scan Plus 3.0, i700 intraoral scanner, Tizian 1.5 milling machine, Tizian Function Pro 2.0 Software

2021 Expansion of our international network of speakers

2021 Start of sales of Micerium Enamel Plus HFO and HRi Bio Function