45. International Annual DGZI Congress

This year's 45. International DGZI Congress took place under the motto " Dental technology and dentistry – Oneway road or junction?". Top-class speakers and numerous visitors discussed a joint approach to save implant planning and implant prosthetics. On the occasion of the annual congress, Schütz Dental organized the workshop "Future viability of implant planning integrated into the 'Complete Digital Workflow' of Schütz Dental and prosthetics within 3D-Print". The outstanding number of 19 registrations for this workshop indicated the excellent response it found among the visitors. Prof. Dr. Tamimi, Expert in Implantology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon und President of DGZI - International Section, reported demonstratively on the IMPLA 3D implant navigation system and discussed its various benefits which speak in favor of 3D implant planning. Prof. Dr. Tamimi's lecture was followed by a speech of Dipl. Ing. Frank Hornung, who spoke of the connectivity of IMPLA 3D and 3D printing procedures and of their manifold possibilities within the future-proof 'Complete Digital Workflow' by Schütz Dental.

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