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SCHÜTZ DENTAL SUPPORTS CUSTOMERS on their chosen path. Together, a digital world is created according to the customer's requirements.
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Press release in CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry
Zirconia reinforced composite — a universally applicable material with many prosthetic uses. Article by Maximilian Kollmuß & Julia Goeke, Germany

Tizian PEEK Blanks

Quality checked for your safety
Because of its high biocompatibility, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) has been used in medical science for many years.
for milling metal, zirconium dioxide, acrylics and wax
Industry news from the "CAD/CAM international magazine of digital dentistry 4/2013" about the Tizian Cut 5 smart.
The innovative CAD/CAM material
This newly developed combination of high performance acrylics and zirconium dioxide offers the benefits of both materials.
with Schütz Dental technologyToday’s new digital technologies allow us to produce even challenging dental restorations in a creative, highly precise and time-efficient manner.
An Example of the new Tizian CAD/CAM splinting tool in use
This short example of use will show you how to expand your business by producing splints with your Tizian CAD/CAM system and the Virtual Articulator.
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Tizian CAD/CAM

Interesting essay about the Tizian CAD/CAM system
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The Complete Digital Workflow becomes reality – Now available!
Step-by-step restoration with Tizian CAD/CAM
Established in 1994, Art Dental Ltd., a fast developing dental laboratory, has more than 16 years of professional experience in all types of highly aesthetic dental restorations. New generation materials and modern layering techniques ensure the production of consistent and high quality restorations.