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IMPLA Congress 2016

Cordial, informal and featuring the highest standard of professionalism.
More than 125 professors, dentists and implantologists from 10 countries came to the Westin Grand Hotel in Berlin to improve their skills and compare notes in a friendly atmosphere of science and application-oriented presentations.
Implantology of the future: Modern technologies and pioneering treatments.
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Press release in Lab Management Today
In October, 80 participants from 13 countries attended Schütz Dental GmbH’s IMPLA Congress in Frankfurt, Germany in honor of the 55th anniversary of its IMPLA System.
Press release for the dental trade press
Schütz Dental holds international congress on the IMPLA System / 80 participants from 13 different countries / New approaches in dental prosthetics / Digital revolution creates integrated and synchronised workflow.
Internal conical connection with anti-rotation protection
The new implant of the IMPLA-Family.
implants Vol. 14 4-2013
From 11 to 12 October, Schütz Dental hosted a special implantological event in cooperation with the German Society for Implantology (DGZI).
Dr Dr Philipp Plugmann in implants Vol. 14 Issue 4-2013
Particularly young patients under the age of 30 experience high levels of psychological strain when faced with episodic loss of several teeth as a result of generalised aggressive periodontitis. The influence of this disease on the patients' social life and their careers can be enormous.
Dr. Christian Drägert from Germering/Germany
Dr. Drägert especially appreciates the easy handling and clear arrangement of the system. Click here to read more about Dr. Drägert's opinion of IMPLA.
Schuetz Dental group is now a recognized distributor of NT-Trading implant components in the U.S.
By MDT Georg Feische
The new IMPLA Scan Abutments opens new possibilites for you. This example of use shows you the application of the new IMPLA Scan Abutments and adhesive bases.
Exercises and demonstrations at the dissection facility
Your key to success: A joint event of Schütz Dental GmbH and DGZI.

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A practice-oriented report of 713 IMPLA implants
By Dr. Dr. med. Henning Aleyt, Head of the Competence Center for Dental Surgery, Zeitz
Training of the IMPLA team
A well-trained back office staff is essential in implant customer support. Your IMPLA-team is constantly trained to be of assistance to you during your daily practice routines.
Your advantages with our new implant with conical internal connection!