Press release in Lab Management Today
In October, 80 participants from 13 countries attended Schütz Dental GmbH’s IMPLA Congress in Frankfurt, Germany in honor of the 55th anniversary of its IMPLA System.
Press release for the dental trade press
Schütz Dental holds international congress on the IMPLA System / 80 participants from 13 different countries / New approaches in dental prosthetics / Digital revolution creates integrated and synchronised workflow.
Copy the physics of the natural tooth. The new brochure is now available
What does the term "bionic restoration" stand for? And how does the system work? The new product brochure contains all available information and clinical studies on this subject.
Internal conical connection with anti-rotation protection
The new implant of the IMPLA-Family.
Flowable composite with excellent physical properties
We proudly present the new Capo Slow Flow.

Framework Tool

Produce telescopic restorations with the Framework Tool
Design frameworks virtually on screen and mill them from acrylic, wax or PEEK.

Tizian PEEK Blanks

Quality checked for your safety
Because of its high biocompatibility, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) has been used in medical science for many years.
implants Vol. 14 4-2013
From 11 to 12 October, Schütz Dental hosted a special implantological event in cooperation with the German Society for Implantology (DGZI).
for milling metal, zirconium dioxide, acrylics and wax
Industry news from the "CAD/CAM international magazine of digital dentistry 4/2013" about the Tizian Cut 5 smart.
Dr Dr Philipp Plugmann in implants Vol. 14 Issue 4-2013
Particularly young patients under the age of 30 experience high levels of psychological strain when faced with episodic loss of several teeth as a result of generalised aggressive periodontitis. The influence of this disease on the patients' social life and their careers can be enormous.
The innovative CAD/CAM material
This newly developed combination of high performance acrylics and zirconium dioxide offers the benefits of both materials.
Dr. Christian Drägert from Germering/Germany
Dr. Drägert especially appreciates the easy handling and clear arrangement of the system. Click here to read more about Dr. Drägert's opinion of IMPLA.

Capo Bulk Fill

Quick and easy
Get your share of the successful Bulk Fill-market with Capo Bulk Fill.
Milling up to 300 units at a time
Eight-fold blank exchanger mills around the clock.
All novelties at a glance
Mill non-precious alloys and frameworks with an optimal administration of the mills – all of this now with Tizian Cut 5 smart.
Today's subject
What do I do, if my zirconium dioxide objects show yellowish discolorations after sintering?
Schuetz Dental group is now a recognized distributor of NT-Trading implant components in the U.S.
with Schütz Dental technologyToday’s new digital technologies allow us to produce even challenging dental restorations in a creative, highly precise and time-efficient manner.
New Features of the Implant Planning and Diagnostics Software
What's new? Experience the new features of IMPLA 3D implant planning software.
An Example of the new Tizian CAD/CAM splinting tool in use
This short example of use will show you how to expand your business by producing splints with your Tizian CAD/CAM system and the Virtual Articulator.
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IDS - a complete success
The IDS 2013 in Cologne/Germany closed with a record number of visitors: 125.000 visitors from 149 countries.

Tizian CAD/CAM

Interesting essay about the Tizian CAD/CAM system
dental labor 01-2013

IDS 2013

Visit us at IDS 2013
See the interactive exhibition booth and discover already today what Schütz Dental is going to present at the IDS 2013.

Capo Bulk Fill

Quick, Easy and Safe
Work quicker and easier than ever before without having to compromise the physical properties.
Cutting-edge and creativ – the next generation of 5-axis milling machines
The space-saving machine Tizian Cut 5 smart - with 5-axis milling technology, it handles just about all undercuts.
Tizian Smart-Scan – up to 72 % faster!
The new and very fast structured-light scanner for your dental lab. Benefit from Tizian Smart-Scan's large field of view, its improved precision and a scan time reduced by up to 72 %.
By MDT Georg Feische
The new IMPLA Scan Abutments opens new possibilites for you. This example of use shows you the application of the new IMPLA Scan Abutments and adhesive bases.
Tizian Cut 5 in action
The Tizian Cut 5 milling system mills dental restorations made from lithium disilicate. But see for yourself...
In the course of the classification process of "German Top-Business-Partners", Schütz Dental GmbH has received the top rating "A" from Hoppenstedt in July of 2012.
Unparalleled Function Workshop with Dr. Schwenk & Dr. Striegel - Function under your control
Schütz Dental offers newsletter subscribers a special discount of 30 % for this exclusive event.
Exercises and demonstrations at the dissection facility
Your key to success: A joint event of Schütz Dental GmbH and DGZI.
Interactively experience products, promotions, information and, last but not least, our new newsletter...
Our new Schütz Dental homepage lets you find information quickly and with lots of fun. We have left the trodden path and decided on something completely new

Tizian Cut 5

Tizian Cut 5 with a wide range of applications
Tizian Cut 5 offers a range of application nearly without limit and thus guarantees high profitability!


3D Software
Plan implantation and implant prosthetics right on your computer with Schütz Dental's IMPLA 3D

dialog Vario

Press release
Perfect visual harmony between prefabricated teeth and composite-veneered restorations
Highly esthetic + minimally invasive = Capo Natural
Capo Natural from Schütz Dental is an ultrafine microhybrid composite with optimized abrasion properties. As the material does not contain any nano particles and its cell-friendliness is well-proven, it is absolutely biocompatible and gentle to oral tissues.

Tizian Software

New Software Features
Tizian Scan SoftwareTizian Creativ RT
The brand new IMPLA homepage shows up with lots of exciting new features.
Tags: Relaunch, Website
The brand new Schuetz Dental homepage shows up with lots of exciting new features!
Tags: Relaunch, Website

IMPLA 3D arabic

Report on IMPLA 3D in arabic type
Tags: IMPLA 3D, Arabic

Zirconium Blanks

New production line for even better zirconium dioxide blanks
The new and innovative production line facilitates an even higher quality of zirconium dioxide blank materials.

Product overview

„We are with you all the way!“
The new product overview for smart buys

Apple MAC

We offer popular MAC Laptops with our in-demand implant surgery navigation software IMPLA 3D.
Contact us!


Report by Dr. B. Eger (Berlin)
When conservation dentistry is insufficient: Implantation using navigation – even specialists should take advantage!


A practice-oriented report of 713 IMPLA implants
By Dr. Dr. med. Henning Aleyt, Head of the Competence Center for Dental Surgery, Zeitz


Alphalink in double cartridges
The persuasive power of "Alphalink" is now available in a double cartridge.


IMPLA 3D with Hans-Jürgen Lichtenberg, Scientific Director, Schütz Dental
Three dimensional images using computer tomography (CT) or digital volume tomography (DVT), which can be used for clinical situations that cannot be assessed adequately with a twodimensional image from an orthopantogram (OPG), are gaining importance in implant surgery and for prosthetics
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