A system like natural teeth: Elastic inside, harder outside

"In order not to increase the amount of metal in the mouth, on the one hand, and to protect the bones, joints and antagonists through the buffer effect, on the other hand, the bionic restoration (Schütz Dental) came into consideration. This material system consists of a framework made of Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite and the dialog Occlusal veneering composite [...]. A restoration made from these materials is slightly elastic, as well as abrasion resistant, and it mimics the physical properties of the natural tooth with flexible dentine and hard enamel. Chipping, as seen with hard zirconium dioxide with layered ceramic veneers, is minimised with restoration using Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite."

(Source: CAD/CAM International Magazine of Digital Dentistry, Vol. 6, Issue 03-2015, page 42-46, Dental Tribune International)

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