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Implantology and Prothetics in Harmony
Since 1963, Schütz Dental has been developing simple, creative and comprehensive solutions for dental implantology.

The participants of the first IMPLA multi-unit course in Rosbach received a first-hand impression of a special IMPLA innovation. The multi-unit concept for fixed and removable prosthetics was presented under the title "Implantology and Prosthetics in Harmony". The possibilities of comprehensive treatment of toothless patients by using multi-unit abutments on four to six implants were demonstrated. The aspects of implant placement, selection and blocking of the multi-unit abutments as well as the protocols for carrying out the surgical procedure were covered in detail.

On the first day, a theoretical introduction to the IMPLA system and a preview of the possibilities of aesthetic prosthetics were presented by the master dental technician Mr. Thie. On the second day, the hands-on part started – the participants had the opportunity to test the system directly on pork jaws. The advantages of the IMPLA system regarding longevity, stability, treatment time and versatility were particularly emphasized by the participants.



An appropriate case for each level of skill – intensive implantology course & course program for dental or surgical assistants. 

"Regeneration and preservation of periodontal and alveolar tissue structures by replantation and extrusion of root segments."



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