Microlit isi – fast and homogeneous melting


Microlit isi – Let this CoCr ceramic alloy inspire you!

Your benefits:

  • Easy handling, similar to handling a high-precious alloy
  • Oxide on full cast objects can be removed easily with a rubber polisher
  • Low risk of overheating, the ingots become visibly liquid at the melting point
  • Easy to grind, ideal for telescopic restorations
  • Smooth and homogeneous surfaces after taking out of the mold
  • Ideal for laser welding

Microlit isi

Easy and simple processing, pleasant grinding behavior because of ideal hardness

  • Optimal CTE, similar to a classic ceramic alloy
  • Biocompatible, free of Nickel and Beryllium
  • High level of corrosion resistance

Technical properties

  • Type: 4 (EN ISO 22674)
  • Composition (%): Co 61.1/Cr 27.8/W 8.5/ Si 1.7
  • Melting interval (°C): 1320-1420
  • Casting temperature (°C): 1470
  • CTE 25-600 (10-6 K-1): 14.1
  • Vickers hardness (HV 10): 280



Microlit isi