NanoPaq is a light-curing nano composite for an adhesive filling therapy with an ultrafine glass filler.

Because of the ultrafine filler the results are very homogenous restorations. The specifically adapted "chameleon effect" will help you obtain an optimal color adaptation of the filling. The fillings are also easy to check because of the product's high radiopacity. All these facts make NanoPaq an excellent choice for your anterior and posterior restorations in all Black's classes. Work now even safer and faster with the practical NanoPaq compules!

Advantages NanoPaq compules:

  • high output quantity
  • hardly any loss of material
  • excellent surface quality
  • extremely hygienic in use
  • cap is easy to remove

Available colors:

  • Dentin masses: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2
Tags: NanoPaq, Compules