The fastest and best Tizian scanner!

Good is just not good enough for you? Tizian Smart-Scan is the answer. Our philosophy is to create equipment that is future-proof and fun to use.  Easy handling, open system components and a large range of indication are the basis for such systems and Tizian Smart-Scan was created with these design parameters in mind.

Schütz Dental now presents the new scanner as an "IDS 2013 pre-release". Tizian Smart-Scan is distinguished from its forerunner by a new design, a more compact construction and its higher capacity. The larger field of view (80 mm x 60 mm x 80 mm) permits the scanner to manage a scan on 20 images rather than on 50 (which were necessary so far). The matching time is reduced significantly. This means scans which are up to 72 % faster, but much more precise than in the past.

Tizian Smart-Scan scans a four-unit bridge with adjacent teeth and opposite dentition (for virtual articulator) within about 5 minutes. It is predestined for scanning large-span bridges and implant-supported restorations. In addition, the Tizian Creativ RT CAD-software facilitates quicker matching and a faster data upload. New filters and calibratons provide for highly precise STL-files.

Tizian Smart-Scan integrates perfectly into the "Complete Digital Workflow". An open interface and the export of open STL-files lead to an internetworking of all compatible systems (even nonsystem components) and thus preserve the user's independence.

All advantages at a glance

  • very large field of view (80 mm x 60 mm x 80 mm)
  • manages on less images to scan a complete jaw
  • shorter scan times (up to 72 % faster)
  • high precision scan results even with large-span restorations such as bars and implant-supported bridges
  • software: reduced matching time, quicker data upload, new filters and a new calibration method for highly precise STL-files
  • compact construction - dimensions: 430 mm x 525 mm x 470 mm
  • suitable for many articulator systems
  • compatible with the Complete Digital Workflow


Object/Scanner Tizian Scan 102 Tizian Smart Scan Difference savings in %
individual stump 84 sec. 59 sec. -25 sec. 30
three-unit bridge 142 sec. 93 sec. -49 sec. 35
4 x individual stump, adjacent teeth and opposite dentition 422 sec. 289 sec. -133 sec. 35
complete jaw  336 sec. 92 sec. -244 sec. 72
fixator maxilla and  three-unit bridge 645 sec. 383 sec. -262 sec. 40

 subject to alterations.

Experience Tizian Smart-Scan live!

Come to see Tizian Smart-Scan at one of the CAD/CAM workshops at our facilities in Rosbach/Germany.

For more information on this new scanner or on our workshops, please feel free to contact us by telephone (+49 6003 814-365) or by e-mail.