Tizian Blank 5.0 translucent – Top aesthetics for almost all indications


Tizian Blank 5.0 translucent – Top aesthetics for almost all indications
Schütz Dental provides the economical solution

Translucent, universally applicable and profitable with a reduced range of colors - these are the outstanding attributes of the new Tizian Blank 5.0 translucent series.

As a partner of dental laboratories, Schütz Dental GmbH extends its complete digital workflow with an economical solution for zircon blanks.

The 7 colors and the white colour make it easy to implement both monolithic solutions for the staining technique and anatomically reduced solutions for ceramic veneers. And above all, almost all indications are possible with these blanks: Yttrium-reinforced zirconium dioxide is used to fabricate high-quality crowns, bridges with up to 16 units and other ceramic veneered frameworks. Zirconium dioxide offers a good translucency of 40%.


The monochrome coloring in the VITA shades A1; A2; A3; A3,5; B2; C2; D3; allows fast and reproducible fabrication of dentures with natural aesthetics. The Shadeguide in the exact curved design by Schütz Dental is unique. This simplifies the determination of the tooth color for the dentist and also for the dental technician and saves a lot of time in the dental practice and in the laboratory.


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The digital dental world can use the circular blanks with a diameter of 98.5 mm in widths of 14, 20 and 25 mm. Tizian 5.0 translucent Blanks from Schütz Dental offer a further cost-effective solution for success-oriented entrepreneurs in the digital dental world.

Claudia Gabbert, Nordquadrat PR + Marketing

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