Drill 0,6 mm for metal, length 35 mm, Tizian Cut 5 Smart


Radius cutter for your Tizian milling system

Product number: 523691
Product information "Drill 0,6 mm for metal, length 35 mm, Tizian Cut 5 Smart"

Radius cutter, double-edged, edge Ø 0.6 mm, shaft Ø 3 mm, total length 35 mm. For blank heights of up to 16 mm.

  • Processing type: removal of material residue
  • Blank material: non-precious alloys
  • Coating type: tempered
  • Ring color: gold
  • For milling systems: Tizian Cut 5 smart, Tizian Cut 5 smart plus
Coating type: Gehärtet
Material: NEM/Co-Cr
Milling Systems: Tizian Cut 5 Smart Pro Plus, Tizian Cut 5 dry Serie, Tizian Cut 5 smart Serie, Tizian Cut compact Serie

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