Steribox L, empty, A4/ for 6 modules


Sterilization container available in sizes S, M and L, for the sterilization of surgical instruments

Product number: 635109
Product information "Steribox L, empty, A4/ for 6 modules"

Sterilization box available in sizes S, M and L, for the sterilization of surgical instruments.

Dimensions size S (A8): 

Outside dimensions: 90 x 90 x 55 mm
Internal dimensions: 65 x 60 x 47 mm

Dimensions size M (A6):

Outside dimensions: 190 x 110 x 60 mm
Internal dimensions: 165 x 92 x 49 mm

Dimensions size L (A4):

Outside dimensions: 290 x 190 x 60 mm
Internal dimensions: 265 x 165 x 49 mm

Sterisafe® DURO Sterilization container

  • Sterility barrier and packaging system made from high-performance plastics
  • Suited to almost all steam sterilization procedures under vacuum at temperatures of 121°C (249.8 °F) and 134°C (273.2 °F) as well as to low-temperature sterilization with gas (FORM and EO) and to H2O2/H2O2-plasma (in the following: VH2O2).
  • Only tools which are suited to multiple sterilization and to this sterilization procedure must be sterilized in Sterisafe® DURO.

Sterisafe® DURO sterilization container made from high-performance plastics:

  • are translucent
  • are highly shock-resistant (no dents)
  • are >, pH 10 reprocessable
  • can be sterilized with steam, plasma, EO or FO.
  • are maintenance-free (no seal, no erosion), upper and lower part of the container close bacteria-proof according to Pasteur's principle
  • are proven to save downtimes and service cost of your instruments
  • have been well-proven for many years

Sterisafe® DURO sterilization container have been designed in accordance with national / international standards and regulations

  • DIN EN 868-1 and -8: 1999
  • DIN EN ISO 11607-1 and -2: 2006
  • CE marking in accordance with MDD 93/42 EWG