Tizian 3.5 Loader Pro + milling machine, incl. 2.6 kw high frequency spindle, 7 stainless steel blank holders


  • Even more precise milling results
  • Absolute measuring system in all axis
  • an much more


  • Developed for the latest requirements in CAD/CAM machining


The Pro-Series for highest demands

Product number: 525210
Product information "Tizian 3.5 Loader Pro + milling machine, incl. 2.6 kw high frequency spindle, 7 stainless steel blank holders"

The Pro-Series for highest demands

Designed for the modern requirements in CAD/CAM machining. Benefit from extremely high stability and low-vibration machining due to the new one-piece machine housing made from polymer concrete. What's more, the high-resolution dynamic servomotors with absolute measuring system facilitate an up to 20 % faster processing with optimal precision.

Tizian 3.5 Loader Pro+ – The professional solution:

The integrated zero-point clamping system facilitates the use of a multitude of adapter systems, such as glass ceramic adapters or different premilled systems. The machine processes restorations with a milling angle of up to 90 degrees with help of the innovative open blank holder. What's more, the Tizian 3.5 Loader Pro+ with its fully automated blank loader facilitates the multifarious processing of up to 12 blanks in unmanned operation.

Your benefits:

  • Revolutionary machine base made of polymer concrete for a greater rigidity and consequently, a higher precision
  • Simultaneous five-axis machining
  • Absolute measuring systems in all axes
  • Dry and wet machining
  • Machining of all significant materials in dentistry including metals
  • Working angle of the axes of up to +/- 30 degrees
  • 20-fold tool changer, covered
  • Machining on the face of the blank is an option (B axis in 90 degree position)
  • Jäger high frequency spindle with up to 60,000 rpm
  • Blank loader for up to 12 blanks (different materials)

Technical data

  • Simultaneous five-axis machining
  • Automated tool changer with 20 slots (optional)
  • High frequency spindle, max. output power 240 V, 2.6 kW with 60,000 rpm, 6.5 bar, 100 l/min.
  • Integrated wet machining function
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • W/D/H ca. 1058 x 789 x 847 mm
  • Weight ca. 250 kg

Suited for these materials:

  • Titanium
  • Non-precious alloys
  • Zirconium dioxide
  • PMMA acrylics for temporary restorations and splints
  • Wax
  • Composite and Zirconia reinforced composite
  • PEEK materials
  • Acetal acrylics
  • Polycarbonate
  • With additional blank holder: glass ceramics and lithium disilicate**
  • Prefabricated abutments**

**Optional accessory