Tizian Blank Zirconia Reinforced Composite 98 x 20 mm, Color: A3


  • Combines the benefits of zirconium oxide and high-end acrylics
  • High level of comfort for patients
  • Gentle on the antagonists and abrasion-resistant at the same time


  • Can be veneered with composites (for permanent restaurations)
  • Temporary bridges (up to 16 units)
  • Temporary frameworks for implant-supported constructions
  • Individual crowns
  • Inlays, Onlays, Veneers and much more


A blank which combines the benefits of zirconium oxide and high-end acrylics. The bionic system is kind to antagonists and the jaw joint.

Product number: 220112
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Product information "Tizian Blank Zirconia Reinforced Composite 98 x 20 mm, Color: A3"

This milling blank made from high performance acrylic and zirconium dioxide combines the benefits of both materials. The blanks are available in two heights and various tooth colors.

The elastic and mildly flexible material ensures a high level of comfort for patients. The ""buffer function"" helps spread the mastication forces at any point. An important aspect, not only for implant treatment.

Prepare permanent restorations with up to 3 units (single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, three-unit bridges) as well as long-term temporaries with up to 16 units and a life span of up to two years.

The final restoration is veneered with composite (e.g. dialog Occlusal). Due to its excellent physical properties, the material is also suitable for CMD- and bruxism-patients.

Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite veneered with dialog Occlusal (Item no. 643610) lets you copy the physics of nature in accordance with the bionic principle.

The flexible framework made from Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite acts as a buffer that distributes pressure evenly. This reduces the strain on jaw bones and jaw joints. Due to its adapted hardness, the veneer made from dialog Occlusal is gentle on the antagonists and abrasion-resistant at the same time.


  • can be veneered with composites (for permanent restaurations)
  • temporary bridges (up to 16 units)
  • temporary frameworks for implant-supported constructions
  • individual crowns
  • Veneers
  • Onlays
  • Inlays
  • and much more
Material: Zirkonverstärktes Komposit
Shape: 98mm rund