Bonding and Etching Systems

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Capo Etch set, 2 x 2 ml Capo Etch set, 2 x 2 ml
Etching gel for safe etching of dentin and enamel. High stability and excellent contrast to the natural tooth allow safe application.
Capo bond set Capo bond set
Multifunctional, light-curing, one-component ethanol based adhesive system. Outstanding bond strength for dentine and enamel.
Capo bond refill, 5ml Capo bond refill, 5ml
Refill pack for your multifunctional, light-curing, one-component ethanol-based adhesive system.
Capo bond activator, 5ml Capo bond activator, 5ml
This activator turns your Capo Bond into a dual-curing adhesive system. Ideal for applications where light-curing is difficult.
Alphalink Cem A2 Alphalink Cem A2
Dual-curing fixing composite for natural teeth.
Alphalink Cem mixing cannulas Alphalink Cem mixing cannulas
Refill pack mixing tips. 10 pieces per package
Sebond Universal Sebond Universal
Universal primer for bonding indirect restorations in almost all dental work. Economical in use.
PrimeBond7 Set PrimeBond7 Set
3 in 1: Etchant, Primer, Bonder - all in on bottle! PrimeBond7 is a self-etching, light-curing one-component bonding system of the 7th generation.