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Peroxide rods, 100 pcs Peroxide rods, 100 pcs
Hydrogen peroxide test strips are deposited in the room which is going to be disinfected. They serve as proof for the completeness of the...
Bluedent Power Pen cordless polymerizes dental composites quickly, easily and reliably.
BLUEDENT holder metal BLUEDENT holder metal
For safe storage of your BLUEDENT POWER PEN cordless.
Plastic container for Microclean Plastic container for Microclean
Standard-Behälter 500 ml für Ihr MicroClean/EcoClean.
Universal fluid orange, 500 ml Universal fluid orange, 500 ml
Cleaning liquid for Microclean denture cleaner
Holding magnet for Microclean Holding magnet for Microclean
Magnet is held against the outside of the beaker bottom to hold the needles while the cleaning liquid is drained and refilled
Measurement cylindar 50 ml Measurement cylindar 50 ml
For measuring cleaning solution
Microclean, cleaning unit Microclean, cleaning unit
Dual cleaning system for cleaning e.g. full dentures, bridges and splints quickly and thoroughly.
Small plastic vessel, 100 ml Small plastic vessel, 100 ml
Accessory for EcoClean/MicroClean, plastic container small
Tweezers, 18 cm, for Microclean Tweezers, 18 cm, for Microclean
Accessory for Ecoclean/Microclean