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Fixation screw OL Fixation screw OL
Fixation screw OL for use with forming aid Multi Unit
Prosthetic screw secondary Prosthetic screw secondary
Special screws for the fixation of the restoration on Multi Unit Abutments
Lab implant Multi Unit Lab implant Multi Unit
For the transfer of the Multi Unit impression to the master model.
Impression post Multi Unit Impression post Multi Unit
Open impression with the fixation screw OL for impressions on the abutment level for the Multi Unit System.
Metal sleeve Metal sleeve
Titanium sleeve made from titanium grade 5 - for friction-free glue fixing on abutments of the Multi Unit System.
Scanabutment Scanabutment
This bowling pin shaped PEEK abutment is excellently suited for digital measuring with optical scanners or laser scanners.
Plastic sleeve POM Plastic sleeve POM
Acrylic sleeve made of POM for the Multi Unit System, can be burned out.
Gingiva sleeve (PEEK) Gingiva sleeve (PEEK)
PEEK gingiva sleeve for the Multi Unit System, can be adjusted individually.